Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser Review

The Exercising Banana that really works

magic-banana-kegelThe Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser is a very unique product that is absolutely amazing for anyone looking to improve and liven up their sex life.

At first glance, the Magic Banana Exerciser can appear to be a little confusing to some as to how it is to be used and how it stimulates females who use it.

When using the product for the first time, this confusion vanishes and there is not two ways about it, the g-spot stimulation is straightforwardly blissful and a real attention grabber.

Its design is simple and the steps to follow are too, it is the perfect toy for those looking for an easy way to work out their pelvic muscles without the unwanted kind of dirty work.

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The purpose of this exerciser sex toy is to stimulate the g-spot but primarily to workout the female pelvic muscles by inner vaginal toning.

Of course, it appears to be a simple cord that is looped around and this is why I was a little sceptical at first. And so, I absolutely had to try the Magic Banana Kegel Exercise myself to see if this little yellow baby did the trick.

As with most sex toys, I followed the instructions and stroked the Magic Banana with a thick paste of lubricant and warming gel to really feel the tingle of all the action.magic-banana-box

The Banana is 9.5 inches long but can be inserted into the body up to 7.5 inches. Wanting to truly take it to its climax, or so to speak, I used all 7.5 inches of the curvy Magic Banana Exerciser and I was not left unpleased with this decision.

Although this sex toy is not the most exciting, it really does what it promises. My body contorted and went against the smooth curviness of the Magic Banana at first but as it grew accustom to its shape and movement, it began to curve along with it and really tightening the inner muscles and pelvic area.

It did not take long for my g-spot to find its way in the Banana’s path and I began to enjoy the constant flow of pulsations that rushed through my body in sync with the pleasant muscular contractions in my lower body.

This product really lets you get the chance to know your body and better utilize your inner attributes with partners. Even if it is sometimes difficult to tell what your partner really likes and what makes them scream for more on the inside, this sex toy gets rid of some of the guess work.

Sure, it is a little less intense than all of the vibrating, jagged and motorized sex toys out there, but it works wonders nonetheless. Sometimes, less is more. Don’t get me wrong, in the bedroom, you want things to heat up as much as possible, but when discovering yourself and exercising, taking it slows works out pretty well.



Magic Banana Kegel Exerciser Review
93%Overall Score

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