Even though I’m in the middle of a crisis, I still cannot get myself to stop thinking about last night. What an amazing time! No doubt fun was had by all involved, especially me. Only problem now is we are all hung over, naked and inside a mansion that none of us own!

The best thing to do now is to worry about myself and get the heck out of here before the owners come home. Everyone else is on their own!


Someone from the backseat had told us that they were housesitting a friend’s mansion and we should all go there and have a Playboy Mansion-style party. There were plenty of us along on this journey which meant lots of sharing was going to happen. Once we came through the front doors, it was on! Bodies went running everywhere searching for things to drink and the best place to start fucking.

I ended up in a huge bedroom with two guys that I had just met on the way over. I went straight for the walk-in closet and the guys started rummaging through the drawers. As I was putting on an unbelievable leather corset that only had straps that wrapped around my breasts, one of the guys yells out, “GOLD MINE!” and in his hands was a purple apparatus.

It was an interesting looking item. I walked over to take a better look at what he was holding in his hand. It had two suction cups that appeared to be for nipples. The third cup was a bit of a mystery at first, but I finally realized it was meant for my love bean. There were metal attachments on each cup that I was curious about, so I turned one and it started vibrating. How brilliant! This was the most amazing fetish toy I had ever seen! The last part of the toy was a hand pump. No questions there. I knew I was in for a kinky experience and I was excited to get it started.

“Lay down on the bed, blondie. I have something I want to show you.” I laid down on the king-size bed like it was no big deal and smiled at the young gentleman holding the sex toy he had just found.

Both men quickly undressed and knelt on the bed next to me. Gently, the man holding the sex toy starts to attach it to various parts of my body. First my nipples. I instantly get aroused from the tickle sensation his fingertips give me as they brush across my tits. I look to my left and notice that this is obviously arousing my new friend because he has an enormous erection that is just screaming for attention. I reach over and start to stroke his cock and he begins to moan.

As I was occupied with playing with a strange man’s dick, I feel a sucking sensation on my clit. My clever friend with the fetish toy had snuck one of the suction cups onto my clit and was slowly pumping. It felt AMAZING! I thought I enjoyed having my pussy eaten, but this was pure ecstasy! At the same time, my nipples feel like they are both being sucked at the same time. This purple nipple pump was my new best friend.

As I was lying there with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation racing through my body, I suddenly feel skin against my lips. Someone wanted a blow job! I was quick to accommodate and opened my mouth widely. Slowly and deeply he started pumping his delicious cock in and out of my mouth while I stroked his friend’s boner with my hand.

The sounds coming from our room was beautiful. The moaning, the sighing, the grunting – it was all a glorious accumulation of sex and fantasy rolled into one.

We were all wet and ready for anything now. My pussy was pulsing with excitement and my nipples were hard. The man fucking my face pulls out and my body is lifted into the air. Boner guy lies down on his back and says, “I want to fuck your pussy while you play with the toy.”

I sat on his hard erection and turned on the vibrator attached to my clit. It was like heaven! His cock pumping hard into my crotch while my love button was being brought to the brink of climax. I was dripping and screaming at the top of my lungs. I leaned over to kiss my other man on the lips while he masturbated to my pleasure. This was truly nirvana.

After a few more pumps, the man that was fucking the hell out of my vagina stops. The man kissing me has me get into the doggy position and turns off the vibrator. He rubs the tip of his penis along the edges of my pussy’s lips and just pushes in the head of his bulging member. I missed the feeling of the vibrator but that is quickly forgotten once I feel the suction start. It was like having someone sucking on my tender clit but better because I also notice that there is a tongue moving up and down my cunt. The second man has his face in my crotch while the other is fucking me with the head of his penis!

I want to cum but everything feels so good that I hold it back with all my might. Just lingering in the moment of a climax almost drives me insane, but it is also the most exciting thing I have ever felt before in my life.

I hear the one fucking me say, “Just lick my balls a little.” Now I know that the man with his face between my legs is also pleasuring his friend. There are no barriers among us now.

The fucking gets deeper and I hear a smacking sound to my right. More masturbating going on and I am turned on by the fact that these two men are so horny over me.

I yell out, “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” and instructions are followed immediately. I can hear his body slap against my ass and I start to fuck him back. I reach over and pull the masturbator closer to me so I can start sucking on his cock. I want to swallow every drop of cum that is about to fly from him, but he quickly pulls out of my mouth and states, “Not yet, Princess. I want to make sure we all cum together.”

I was ready now. I was bursting at the seams. My orgasm was not going to be held back any longer. “I’m going to cum.” I moan. “I’m going to cum soon.”

All fucking stops and I am pushed down onto my back. Both men kneel next to my head and start jerking off next to my face. The pump for the sex toy is kindly placed into my left hand, but I reach down to turn the vibrator back on. In fact, I turn them all on and my body is sent into instant orgasm. I cum fast and hard and I scream out with pleasure.

The sound of my climax sends the two men into a simultaneous cum show. It was spraying from all directions into my face and all I could do was scream while cum flew into my mouth. It was delicious.

Afterwards the two men fell onto the bed next to me and we drifted off to sleep. No words were exchanged. We just fell asleep next to each other; happy and exhausted.

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A creative writer, Capote has written in a number of difference genres but enjoys the freedom erotic fiction allows. Always an imaginative person, she lets her imagination and inhibitions go when she writes. Her goal is to make her readers’ fantasies come true or, perhaps, give them a few new ideas.

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