Would you like to see what I bought today?”

Ben looked up from the magazine he was reading. Marcie stood in her nightgown at the side of the bed, hands behind her back, concealing her “mystery” purchase. “Sure,” he said, placing the open magazine on the nightstand. After he’d humored his wife, he figured, he could return to his article.

Marcie sat on the bed and held up a black, penis-shaped object, about six inches in length. It looked quite realistic, but Ben resisted the urge to feel it. In addition to the artificial cock, Marcie placed a remote control and a tube of lubricant on the sheet.

Ben picked up the device and pushed a button. The dildo purred softly.

“This looks like fun,” he laughed, the magazine article now forgotten.

“I want to give it a test run!” Marcie squealed, scooting down on the bed. She squirted lube along its length and placed the tip between her legs. Ben moved to the foot of the bed for a better view. Marcie’s pussy lips were glistening with lubricant. She moved the vibrator along her petals, enjoying the gentle vibrations on her flesh. Slowly, teasingly, the head entered her pussy.

“Oh, yeah!” she swooned, thrusting the sex toy in and out of her opening. “I’m loving this! Press it again! Give it a goose!”

Ben complied and the soft hum heightened in pitch, eliciting a moan of approval from his wife. Fascinated, Ben watched the slick, black cock push in deeper until only the portion she held was visible. Marcie’s hips moved in a slow, sensual rhythm. Her eyes closed and Ben recognized what he called her “sex face,” a smooth, otherworldly expression he’d only witnessed when they were fucking. Marcie would seem transported by sex to another place and this was reflected in her face. It seemed strange to see it now without his participation.

“More,” she whispered, groaning and writhing as the vibrations increased. Her legs spread wider, and her fingertips disappeared into pussy. The vibrator was completely inside her now.

Ben’s cock was stiff and in need of attention. He moved up on the bed, leaning against the headboard. He stroked his cock, his penis near her face. He was incredibly aroused at the sight of his wife masturbating and her beautiful, faraway expression. Her lips were parted as her breathing became more ragged. Unable to resist any longer, he nudged her lips with the head of his cock. Eyes still closed, Marcie opened her mouth for his pleasure.

She moaned as he fed his cock to her. The vocalization added a dimension to her sucking, and now Ben understood what she was feeling with the vibrating toy in her toy box. She moaned again, but this time he realized she was urging him to press the control again. He did, and was rewarded with yet another long, moan from the mouth suckling his cock.

They were both so aroused, he thought, yet there was so little physical effort. He barely moved his hips as he slowly fucked Marcie’s mouth. Marcie had let go of the sex toy, and one of her hands played on her clit while the other roamed over her breast, her belly and her inner thigh. Her legs moved in various patterns: opening, closing, lifting, her heels digging into the mattress as she shuddered from the busy, little intruder inside her.

Ben was content where he was, and yet…and yet….He had an idea.

He withdrew from her mouth, holding his cock to her lips to enjoy a few more hungry licks from her tongue. He slid down the bed and licked between her wet fingers as he sought out her clit. She fed her fingers to his lips, and he licked and sucked at them before placing his mouth over her clit and drew it into his mouth. The tip of his tongue flicked over it while he sucked on it, letting it slip in and out from his lips. Marcie’s legs began kicking and her feet pounded on his back as her orgasm took hold. He stiffened his tongue, and she used it and his face to ride and wring out the sensations exploding inside her.

Her body fell limp. Ben soothingly stroked her arms and thighs as she struggled to regulate her breathing. He dialed down the vibrator to its lowest setting and maneuvered Marcie onto her side. Reaching for the lube, he applied some on his erection, stroking his cock until it was coated with the slippery substance. He then slid his oily hand in the crevice between Marcie’s ass cheeks. Her body stiffened slightly, sensing what Ben had in mind, but his warm hand and slow pace relaxed her, and she was soon able to enjoy the tingling sensations his hand was generating.

Ben replaced his hand with his cock. The warmth of her ass crack felt good. He languidly lubed her as his cock explored her bum. They didn’t indulge in this too often, but if the timing was right – if she were super-horny, say, or tipsy – she found pleasure in being taken this way.

Ben increased the purr of the vibrator, and Marcie pulled her legs up to her breasts, still lying on her side, to give Ben better access. Ben tipped her forward slightly until he had a clear shot, then put back-and-forth pressure against her anus, feeling the opening sucking at the head with each retreat. When she had sufficiently receptive, he pushed forward and entered her ass. It was so hot and tight. He paused, feeling his cock pulse within her. Ben’s cock could feel the purring of the vibrator. As he moved in and out of her ass, he adjusted the settings to synchronize with the speed of his thrusts.

Marcie moaned and moved her hips in time with Ben’s cock. He saw the vibrator gradually slipping out from her and reached over to guide it back in. Their rhythm grew more intense, with Ben pushing in on the toy as his cock withdrew, and then pulling it back as he sank his cock deep into Marcie’s ass.

He felt Marcie shudder before she cried out loud. As if on cue, he bucked hard at her backside, hammering his final, deep thrusts as he filled her ass with his fluids.

Later, they both realized that Marcie had just had her first double penetration. And the best part was that no one else would ever know.

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Like most writers of erotica, Les S. Moore is a mysterious figure with a sketchy past. He has written extensively (and usually anonymously) for various adult themed sites. He ghost-wrote a series of erotic novels which were, unfortunately, lost forever during the Great Amazon Porn Purge of 2013. When not exploring erotic themes with his writing, he collects and arranges grains of sand and supports himself as a freelance chicken plucker.

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