Tara was a beautiful blonde college student in her second year of public relations. She loved spending time with others, on and off the job. She had a lot of friends, and thanks to her bombshell-good looks, a lot of guys after her too. Tara always did a great job at finishing them off, making them achieve their climax time after time and sometimes more than once per… session. On the other hand, she was often left disappointed by her partners and just couldn’t get that lustful buzz she was looking for.

One night, after a couple glasses of wine (that she hid in her dormitory mini fridge), Tara decided to give her new sex toy, a Sqweel, a try. She took the toy out of the box and put water based lubricant that she had bought ran through the tips of the machine making it a smooth oily ensemble. She turned the dial to the slowest setting and gazed and the gyrating tongues as they swished back and forth and then in a continuous circular matter. She could already feel pulsations downstairs. She quickened the pace of the machine, making it go as fast as possible and in a forward and backward motion. Tara was excited as she did not often solo stimulate as she did not know if she would be able to turn herself on every time and was scared to look foolish. Of course, being alone, this didn’t matter. She let her thoughts drift elsewhere and peeled off her clothes, slowly, to get into the mood.

She felt a steady surge of powerful rays of bliss as she let all tongues brush against her clitoris. The soft purr of the machine was downed out by her constant hot moans. Her pulsations grow faster and faster with every steamy breath. With the quickening speed comes quickening breath. She has a hard time holding her long gasps of pleasure in but she eventually gives up and let’s herself go. Without any lingering thoughts in her mind, she squeals in excitement and comfortable pleasure. The soft and lubricated caress of the simulator wheel tickles her parts and makes her feel blissful without a care in the world.

Within a few minutes, she reaches her climax. The roaring sound of her voice breaks like the termination of crashing waves. Just like these waves, a steady flow of white thick liquid departs from her body. This flow resides before starting up again in a gushing pattern during which Tara feels at her best. She hasn’t felt this way in a long time and loves how it makes her happy and fully content. She was amazed at how good she felt and was proud of her amazing and steamy movements. She was surprised just how well she moved when no one was even around to motivate. For the first time in a while, Tara was finished off and was left glowing for an entire day.

That night, after a heated date with her boyfriend, Derrick, with lots of under the table play over dinner, the couple returned to Tara’s apartment. Still energized from her earlier experience, she wasted no time and pushed her boyfriend right onto her bed. Sliding onto him from the edge of her bed making her way up to his lips and connecting them with hers, he positively winced in acceptance. She quickened the pace of her kisses as her man slid his tongue onto hers. She felt a surge of heat and electricity trickle through her body just as he did flowing into his member.

Derrick slowly began to unzip her racy black cocktail dress as she unzips his dress pants in sync. Just as she slipped his pants off along with his shoes, socks and briefs, he tugged off her dress in one fluid sexy movement taking her thong off with it. Wearing nothing but her bra, Tara went to the bathroom where she got some massage oil, lubricant, and of course, a condom. She returned completed in the nude with nothing but these items in hand. She began by rubbing the massage oil into Derrick’s lower abdomen as he purposefully flexed for her and showed off his perfectly chiselled 6-pack. Returning the favour he began to rub her back with strong hard fingers.

She slowly made her way down to his shaft and began to apply lubricant in repeated soft and slow movements wrapping her entire hand around his large member. Once it was completely covered she found her rhythm and began to move faster and faster. His pelvis began to thrust upwards sporadically and Tara then began to interchange hands while slowly caressing his upper body with her lips. Derrick tingled in pleasure and began to moan in approval. Making her way back to his lips briefly Derrick went down on his girlfriend and slowly began to nibble around her clitoris and rapidly inserting his fingers into her in a back and fourth constant motion. Remembering the 10 tongues of the Sqweel, Tara began to roar in excitement.

Derrick’s member got harder and harder as he continued on Tara. She had never been this excited before and it made him sexually ecstatic. He lowered his pelvis to her lower body. Tara flipped under him and slightly arched her back forwards. He inserted his hard oily cock into her as deep as he could and waited longer than usual before retracted slightly and then pressing back into her. They continued this for several minutes, hours even, until Tara finally came long and hard and finished. Virtually seconds later, Derrick removed his member completely from her, slipping off the condom in the process and allowed himself to flow out. In a vertical position on her knees, Tara was lightly showered receiving a pearl necklace for her hot efforts.

The couple had never been so happy together. To his dismay, Derrick told Tara that he would have to leave on a business trip for a couple of days. Responding with nothing but a smile at first and then a soft embrace and lip lock, Tara was still happy. She knew she would miss him but her mind immediately drifted to the thought of still being pleasured with her new Sqweel that would temporarily replace her main squeeze.

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